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God on Trial: The Case for God Examined

BSHAS God on Trial Poster

Thursday 10th October 7.30pm

Barnes Lecture Theatre, Poole House, Talbot Campus, Bournemouth University. BH12 5BB

by author, educator, and philosopher Jonathan Pearce

Bournemouth Student Humanists and Atheists Society have kindly invited us to a retitled repeat of author, blogger and philosopher Jonathan Pearce's entertaining and thought-provoking 'Unholy Questions' presentation. If you missed it last time, or would enjoy experiencing it again, this is an excellent opportunity to hear this popular speaker in action, and gain some new insights on the question of God's existence.

Jonathan will be skilfully guiding us through a range of arguments for and against the existence of God. He will also offer some novel arguments that challenge the concept of an omniscient, omnipotent, omni-benevolent God. With Bournemouth University having quite an active Christian Union, we're expecting a robust Q&A session after Jonathan's presentation, so this should be a really enjoyable evening for everyone with an interest in the God debate.

Jonathan is a teacher and author from South Hampshire, who has dedicated many years of his life to all manner of things philosophical and theological. He is the author of several popular books including ‘The Nativity: A Critical Examination, ‘Free Will? An investigation into whether we have free will, or whether I was always going to write this book’, and ‘The Little Book of Unholy Questions. As an interlude from writing about philosophy and theology, he has also written a book of advice for dads of twins; Twins: A Survival Guide for Dads. He is a founder member of the Tippling Philosophers, a friendly group of disparate believers and non-believers based in Hampshire, and is also a founder author for the Skeptic Ink Network (SIN), an online community of skeptic writers, bloggers, academics, thinkers and activists. Check out their blog at http://skepticink.com/tippling/ and their facebook page at  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Skeptic-Ink

Everyone welcome!
Free entry (voluntary donations appreciated from any non-students attending)

[If you aren't familiar with the university layout, just enter via the main Talbot Campus entrance, head to the reception desk and they will direct you to the Barnes Lecture Theatre].

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