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Dorset Humanists is a welcoming group for humanists, atheists and agnostics who seek to live ethical and fulfilling lives on the basis of reason and humanity. We meet in Bournemouth for informative and enjoyable presentations, debates and discussions on a wide range of subjects including ethics, science, religion, philosophy, politics, our environment and much more. We also organise regular social events.

David Warden to Present ‘The Science of Happiness’ for Sunday Assembly

Sunday 30th November  11.00am – 12.30pm
The Brunswick Pub**, 199 Malmesbury Park Road, Bournemouth BH8 8PX

We’re pleased to announce that Chair of Dorset Humanists David Warden will be the guest speaker for Sunday Assembly Bournemouth’s November Assembly. David will be presenting a condensed version of his very popular talk on ‘The Science of Happiness’ as part of the event’s theme of "How to live a Happier Life”. David has previously spoken on this subject at events for both Dorset Humanists and West Dorset Humanists, and he also incorporated an expanded exploration of the topic into Dorset Humanists’ well-received ‘One Life’ course on Humanism and atheism.

If you have you ever wondered what makes some people happier than others, and whether it Is it possible to attain greater happiness in life and sustain it without dramatically changing our personal circumstances, we expect you’ll be both surprised and inspired by what David reveals in his talk, so put away your copy of ‘the Secret’, turn off the chat show ‘self-help gurus’ and discover the real science of happiness at Sunday Assembly Bournemouth’s next meeting! The group are continuing to collect more food for a local food bank, so, if you plan to attend and are in a position to do so, please take along any long-life dried or tinned food you can spare, and they’ll make sure it gets to families and individuals who need our help.

Sunday Assembly Bournemouth launched in September 2014, becoming one of more than 60 similar groups worldwide in a rapidly growing non-religious community of people united by a desire to improve their lives, support their local communities and celebrate the wonder of life. The format they’ve adopted for their monthly ‘Assemblies’ is to take “all the best bits of church but without the religion”, and what this means in practice is that at each Assembly they explore a positive life-enhancing theme with a mix of inspiring readings, guest presentations and uplifting sing-along pop songs. So far the group has proved popular with local humanists, atheists,and agnostics but it remains to be seen whether they can also achieve their aim of attracting folks of a more religious persuasion too.

For more details on Sunday Assembly Bournemouth and this event, please visit their website here: http://bournemouth.sundayassembly.com/how-to-live-a-happier-life/

**  Please note: A small number of flyers for this event were distributed at a previous Dorset Humanists meeting with the wrong venue printed on them. November’s Sunday Assembly will definitely be at the Brunswick in Charminster, and we apologise for any inconvenience caused

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