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The Wrong Sort of Banker: Has Britain Succumbed to the ‘Finance Curse’?

Finance Curse 23 September 2015Wednesday 23rd September 7.30pm
The Green House Hotel,  4 Grove Road, Bournemouth BH1 3AX

With John Christensen of the Tax Justice Network

Studies by several renowned economists including Nobel prize winner Joseph Stiglitz have established that countries which depend heavily on natural resources such as oil or diamonds often perform worse than their resource-poor peers in terms of human development, governance and long-term economic growth. The economic collapse in Cyprus offered a recent example of how an over-sized financial centre can similarly create over-dependence on a single sector, attract the brightest and the best away from other industries, and corrupt a country’s political systems. As the world’s largest exporter of financial services, could the City of London be having a similar effect on Britain?

In this fascinating presentation, Executive Director of the Tax Justice Network John Christensen will share the results of his many years of research into the subject. John is a former economic adviser to the British Crown Dependency of Jersey, and his research on offshore finance has been widely published. He featured prominently in the award-winning film documentary ‘The Price We Pay’ (2014) and co-authored ‘The Finance Curse: how oversized financial sectors attack democracy and corrupt economics’.

“Join us to discover how the City of London influences our politics and economy”

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(The Green House Hotel can also be accessed via its rear entrance in Gervis Road. The hotel has a small onsite car park, and roadside parking is also available in Gervis Road).

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