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The Shameful Export of British Arms

Monday 14th November 7.30pm Arms

The Rydal Arms, 93 Station Road, New Milton, BH25 6JJ

New Milton Humanists present a talk by Sharen Green of ‘Campaign Against Arms Trade’.

Did you know?

  • Britain is always in the top five of arms exporting nations.
  • Under European guide lines, we do not sell to countries at war, countries likely to invade their neighbours, or countries with a poor human rights record (Except we do!).
  • The trade is always justified on the grounds that it is good for our economy (CAAT says it isn't!).

Sharen will explode some of the common myths surrounding this subject - and talk about a gun-running nun whose students imported torture equipment as part of their extra-curricular activities.

Everyone Welcome!
Free Entry (donations appreciated)

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