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Swami Manavatavadi - The International School of Humanitarian Thoughts and Practice, India

Swami Manavatavadi stayed with several Dorset Humanists between 28th May and 2nd June 2008.

Swami was en route to USA where he was attending the IHEU Annual Conference in Washington.

About Swami Manavatavadi

Swami Manavatavadi is head of Manavatavadi Vishwa Sansthan (The International School of Humanitarian Thoughts and Practice)

Swami says "In my boyhood I left my parents and walked from Kanyakumari (the southern end of India) to Badrinath (Cino border on Himalayas) twice to search a Realized Guru from the remotes and jungles.

I had never been a good student while going to school as a child. No effort of my parents and teachers could develop any interest in me for organized studies.

Probably in 1973 I got initiated in the
Advaita Vedantin Cult of Shankaracharya
while passing through a small town Ichchapuram of Andhra Pradesh during my second round walking towards Badrinath on Himalayas and entered in to the dense Jungles for self analysis Sadhana to attain Moksha. In my childhood I had some attraction to the Sadhna Styles of Vardhman Mahavir the man later got known as JEENA means a self-disciplined individual and Siddharth Gautama who became known as Buddha means an enlightened one.

After experimenting on these two styles of Sadhanas for about two years in the dense jungles of the country I returned from the snow covered pick of Himalayas
with a conformed enlightenment that a supernatural being is a mere human concept either to disciplinize the folks by induction of fear or a tactful weapon created by cunning people to fool the masses.
As far as my Academic Background is concerned I am an unlearnt person not having any systematic learning from conventional informatics and no proper knowledge of any language. But I try to express in few languages. So I can bravely say that I don’t know English."

Source: Database at MANAVATAVADI-GROUP at Yahoogroups.com

Further Information
http://www.iheu.org/node/1439 - The International School of Humanitarian Thoughts and Practice - registered with IHEU
http://www.iheu.org/node/2557 - David Warden visit to The School.

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