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Dorset Humanists is a welcoming group for humanists, atheists and agnostics who seek to live ethical and fulfilling lives on the basis of reason and humanity. We meet in Bournemouth for informative and enjoyable presentations, debates and discussions on a wide range of subjects including ethics, science, religion, philosophy, politics, our environment and much more. We also organise regular social events.

An Atheist on the Alpha Course

Atheist on Alpha CourseWednesday 23rd October 7.30pm
The Green House Hotel,  4 Grove Road, Bournemouth BH1 3AX

The Christian Church’s ‘Alpha Course’ aims to recruit non-believers and lapsed Christians and convert them to evangelical Christianity.

Church advertising for the course makes bold claims about exploring the meaning of life, but critics suggest it targets the lonely and easily-influenced with a mixture of friendship, mild brainwashing and some tasty food.

Atheist and Chair of Dorset Humanists, David Warden decided to investigate for himself.

Find out what happened in this entertaining account of David’s experiences, which will also be of considerable interest to anyone considering taking the Alpha Course.

Join us for “an entertaining account of the secrets of the Alpha Course

Free entry (donations appreciated).     Everyone welcome!

(The Green House Hotel also has an entrance on Gervis Road, which has roadside parking and is easier to access on foot).

[Update: David will also be presenting this talk for West Dorset Humanists at 7.30pm on 24th October at Wessex Royale Hotel, 32 High Street West, Dorchester DT1 1UP. Please see their website for more details: http://www.westdorsethumanists.org]

Please help us promote Dorset Humanists and this event by displaying an A4 poster. Download an A4 printable copy here, or email Dave at DHcensus(at)hotmail.co.uk for a PDF.

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thequester said...

Hi, There is a piece in The Bridport News saying this talk will also be given in Dorchester on the 24th. I can't see it on this site, can you confirm or deny please.

Dave E. said...

Hi thequester - yes, you are correct.

David Warden will also be presenting this talk for West Dorset Humanists on 24th.

WDH have recently set up a new website and details of David's talk are currently on their events page here:

Dave E. said...

Details of the presentation in Dorchester are now added to the main post.