Brigit Strawbridge, environmentalist: 'Talk a Great Success!'

David Warden Chair of Dorset Humanists called Brigit Strawbridge talk on 15 May at Poole Lighthouse, 'a great success'.

Jane Bannister (former Chair Dorset Humanists) was the inspiration behind the 'Big Green Fortnight' idea.

Big Green Fortnight 'brought to you by Dorset Humanists' credits

A3 Programme Poster (includes Brigit Strawbridge talk credit to Dorset Humanists)

Open Day 23 May Poster (640kb)

We DO have faith, say Humanists

4:00pm Friday 15th May 2009

THE British Humanist Association has enjoyed a surge in membership as a result of its “atheist bus” campaign, but Dorset Humanists insist that there’s more to Humanism that anti-religious messages. They have been inspired to be actively involved with Bournemouth and Poole’s Big Green Fortnight and hosted a lecture last night by environmental campaigner and BBC personality Brigit Strawbridge, kickstarting the fortnight.

David Warden, chair of Dorset Humanists, said: “Humanists have a proud tradition of questioning and scepticism and we don’t agree with everything done in the name of environmentalism. “It’s clear, however, that we can all agree on the need to take care of the resources we have for the benefit of current and future generations. “Humanism is not a ‘faith’ as such, but we do have faith in the ability of human beings to find rational solutions to the problems we face.”

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