James Fradgley "Grumpy old Man" - Unscientific Science - 10 October 2009

“Bad Science – a Rant from a Grumpy Old Man” James Fradgely, Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and Chairman of the Wessex Astronomical Society talked about ignorance, objectivity, biased sampling, cherry-picking, forecasting, Ockham’s Razor, Darwin v Creationism, Martian canals, moon landings, conspiracy theories, alternative therapies, health and safety, politicians’ lies, bath water, luck, and much much more...!

 I thoroughly enjoyed the talk, it was a good balance between serious and amusing as well as very informative. James Fradgley kept me interested from begining to end. 

 James was a grumpy yet humourus old man bemoaning scientific illiteracy, misuse of technical words, media disinformation and much more that's wrong with the world. Probably the best talk we've had at Dorset Humanists for a year! 

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