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Dorset Humanists is a welcoming group for humanists, atheists and agnostics who seek to live ethical and fulfilling lives on the basis of reason and humanity. We meet in Bournemouth for informative and enjoyable presentations, debates and discussions on a wide range of subjects including ethics, science, religion, philosophy, politics, our environment and much more. We also organise regular social events.

Godless Morality by David Warden at New Milton Humanists

In his talk to New Milton Humanists, David Warden (Chair of Dorset Humanists) argued that Humanists have no simple, rational method for moral decision-making. Any given moral situation, such as a family faced with the question of whether to move a sick parent into a nursing home, is agonisingly complex. Dissected on the basis of moral theory, it may include elements of egoism, altruism, Kantian deontology and Benthamite utilitarianism. On the other hand, a religious appeal to self-sacrifice may result in a poor moral decision, if not everyone.s interests are given due weight. David denied that there could be a Humanist Ten Commandments. although he suggested a few guiding principles such as Do no harm., To thine own self be true. and Be kind to the people you encounter as you go about your daily business.. He also argued that anti-materialism is a hangover from life-denying religion. The talk transcript is available.

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