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BHA supports new Guardian pamphlet on ‘Citizen Ethics’

British Humanist Association, to whom Dorset Humanists is affiliated, reports..

The BHA is pleased to support the publication of a pamphlet published by The Guardian newspaper entitled ‘Citizen Ethics in a time of crisis.’ The pamphlet, which is available to download online, includes articles by BHA Chief Executive Andrew Copson, BHA President Polly Toynbee as well as BHA Distinguished Supporters Richard Reeves and Philip Pullman. There are also interviews with BHA Distinguished Supporters Martin Rowson and BHA Vice President Claire Rayner OBE. 

The publication explores key questions about ethics today including values, economics and politics from a range of different perspectives and was organised by the Citizen Ethics Network which is an organisation which aims to promote debate and to renew the ethical underpinnings of economic, political and daily life.

Andrew’s article in the publication argues that, ‘Not believing in any post-mortem existence where all wrongs will be righted, humanists think of politics as incredibly important. It is more than just a necessity arising from the fact that we’re social animals: it is an opportunity to promote the opportunity of a good life for all...’

The pamphlet can be downloaded here.
You can participate in the debate via The Guardian’s online discussion pages here.

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