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The Power of Social Networks - Census Campaign

From the BHA Newsletter 7/2/11

The power of online social networks is endlessly discussed and sometimes exaggerated... The buzz generated by interactive websites is responsible for a big proportion of British Humanist Association (BHA) traffic. In the last month Facebook and Reddit alone were responsible for 40% of all incoming traffic to the Census Campaign site. That's four out of ten users - signing the pledge, making a donation - who might not have found us if it weren't for those two sites.

On the main BHA website, too, the top four sites bringing visitors are Facebook (the social network), Stumbleupon (content sharing), Twitter (microblogging), and Wikipedia (the socially-edited encyclopaedia). None of these sites emulates a traditional publishing model. Instead, these sites all exist in their entirety because web users themselves make and share content.

To spread the news about the Census Campaign:-

- talk to us directly on Twitter (@BHANews) including the Census Campaign team (@CensusCampaign) and re-tweet our messages to your followers

- share our links via facebook.com/humanism and facebook.com/censuscampaign so that - without being particularly pushy - your interested friends might be prompted to take part as well.

- get a virtual sticker for your accounts via Twibbon

Even if you're not a big social networker you definitely use email. At the bottom of every page of the Census Campaign website there is an email button through which you can quickly and easily send an email to anyone in your address book (we can even fetch your contacts for you).

Dorset Humanists, please give it a go and help spread the word today!

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