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BHA Census Campaign update

source: http://census-campaign.org.uk/2011/03/read-and-listen-again/

The launch of the bus posters and the banning of ‘For God’s sake’ has caused a major stir in local and national press.
Here we provide a round-up, so you can read and listen again.  We will update this page as more go online, so keep checking back.
With respect to reading materials, John McManus, on the BBC website did a great article about the launch of the Census Campaign buses.  The New Statesman has written an article about our run-ins with the Committee of Advertising Practices, entitled ‘For God’s sake … this isn’t offensive’: see also the Guardian and the New Humanistarticles on our banned ads.
Lots of local and national news media have also published our press release and related articles:
And there was a lot of action on the radio:
Naomi on BBC Radio London: from 0.02 and 0.16 mins.
It seems that everyone’s talking about the campaign!  Don’t forget to do your bit: keep spreading the message of the campaign to see the non-religious population standing up to be counted in March.

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