Promoting Dorset Humanists

Please help our Humanist community in Dorset to reach more people by displaying our meeting posters. Some places where you might post them include your local community centre, halls of residence, libraries, community noticeboards, newsagents etc.

Simply click the poster images below to download A4 size PDF files that you can print. If you don’t have a printer you can also collect posters for forthcoming events from our meetings.

Science Without Pedestals 11 February 2017Religion in Schools 22 February 2017

Another easy way you can help our group grow is by indicating your interest in attending this event on and/or facebook as it helps raise our profile on these sites (Meetup also offers you timely email reminders and the opportunity to discover other interesting groups in your area).

To help you find them, here are the direct links to our event listings on these sites:
Thank you for helping us to develop a thriving non-religious community in our area.

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