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Alfred Russel Wallace: A Life Explored

Wallace PosterWednesday 27th February 7.30pm

The Green House Hotel,  4 Grove Road, Bournemouth BH1 3AX

‘The 2013 Dennis Bannister Memorial Lecture’

Join us for a fascinating evening as David Croman relates the extraordinary life and achievements of Alfred Russel Wallace.
Wallace is best known as the co-founder, with
Darwin, of the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection, but he was also one of the greatest explorers, scientists, intellectuals, and writers of his time.

In this well-illustrated presentation, author and psychologist, David Croman recounts Wallace’s jungle adventures in Indonesia, Malaysia, South America and beyond. He will also be exploring Wallace’s immense contribution to science and evolutionary theory, as well as examining how his odd and sometimes quirky ideas led him down strange avenues.

Wallace spent the final years of his life living in Broadstone, Dorset, and was buried in Broadstone Cemetery after his death 100 years ago in 1913.

This lecture is in memory of Dennis Bannister who gave numerous talks to Dorset Humanists on Darwin, Wallace, and evolution.

David Croman is a local author, wildlife photographer, natural science lecturer and a former Secretary of Dorset Humanists.

Free entry (donations appreciated).     Everyone welcome!
(The Green House Hotel can also be accessed from Gervis Road, which is better lit and has roadside parking).
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