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Dorset Humanists is a welcoming group for humanists, atheists and agnostics who seek to live ethical and fulfilling lives on the basis of reason and humanity. We meet in Bournemouth for informative and enjoyable presentations, debates and discussions on a wide range of subjects including ethics, science, religion, philosophy, politics, our environment and much more. We also organise regular social events.

Humanists included in Remembrance Service

Bmth War MemorialThe thousands of people who attended this year’s Remembrance Service at the Bournemouth War Memorial may have been surprised to see Humanists included in the Order of Service alongside representatives of the Christian and Jewish communities. This is the very first year that Humanists have been included. David Warden, Chair of Dorset Humanists, took part in the service to represent the UK Armed Forces Humanist Association and the thousands of service men and women who do not subscribe to any religious faith. He said he was ‘delighted and privileged to have taken part this year’ and that ‘Bournemouth has shown national leadership by including people of no religion in this service’. 

The 2011 Census showed that 30 per cent of people in Bournemouth do not subscribe to any religion. Humanists are atheists and agnostics who base their ethics and values on reason and our common humanity. Dorset Humanists is a Partner of the British Humanist Association.

These are the words read by David:
Peace begins with respect. If we cannot accept a world of human difference we will never enjoy a world of peace.

Peace needs humility. If we are willing to see our own faults then the bridges of trust can be rebuilt.

Peace needs co-operation. If we realise that most of what we desire cannot be secured by ourselves alone we will cultivate friendship.

Peace needs compromise. It needs a willingness to tolerate a world that is less than perfect.

Peace requires justice.  We must be willing to share the world's resources fairly.

Peace is hard work. There are no laws of history that will guarantee its arrival.

So let our tribute to those of all beliefs who have suffered and died in conflict be our resolve to work for peace. 
Adapted from Celebration: A Ceremonial and Philosophical Guide for Humanists and Humanistic Jews (2003) by Sherwin Wine.

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