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Predatory Dinosaurs and the Evolution of Birds

Saturday 13th February 2016  12.00pm or 2.00pm 
Bournemouth International Centre, Exeter Road, Bournemouth, BH2 5BH
Dorset Humanists proudly present a Darwin Day celebration with Vertebrate Palaeontologist Darren Naish
Celebrate Darwin Day in style with a delicious three course buffet lunch in BIC’s Purbeck Lounge, followed by a fascinating presentation by palaeontologist Darren Naish.

Recent discoveries of a wealth of fossil feathered dinosaurs and early birds have helped scientists show how birds emerged as the end-products of a sustained phase of miniaturisation within theropods, which enabled this group to be the only dinosaur lineage to survive and thrive beyond the Cretaceous mass extinction event around 66 million years ago. 

In addition to explaining how birds evolved, Darren will also consider the diversity, anatomy, biology and behaviour of some of the most awe-inspiring predators ever to walk the earth. These include spinosaurs, allosaurs and tyrannosaurs, as well as the remarkable scythe-clawed therizinosaurs and sickle-clawed dromaeosaurs. 

Darren Naish is a vertebrate palaeontologist whose technical work mainly covers theropod (beast-footed) and sauropod (lizard-footed) dinosaurs. His best-selling books include Walking with Dinosaurs: the Evidence and The Great Dinosaur Discoveries.

Booking Information
  • Lunch & presentation tickets: £20 each (£10 students) - 12.00 noon: welcoming glass of wine or soft drink followed by a 3 course Italian buffet lunch in the BIC Purbeck Lounge
  • Presentation only tickets £3 each (£1 students) - 1.50pm arrival for 2:00pm start includes coffee or tea on arrival.
  • For tickets, please see Lyn Glass at our meetings, or phone 01202 558763, or email lyn.glass@btinternet.com (Please book lunches by 30th January).

Everyone Welcome!     Please ensure you book your tickets in advance.

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