Evolutionary Psychology and the Blank Slate. A talk by Johan Nayar

When? Wed Sept 25th 2019
Where: Green House Hotel

Continuing our series on the brain, evolutionary psychologists see the brain as an evolved entity that has been shaped over millennia but they have come into direct conflict with social scientists who believe that we are born as 'blank slates' and that all information about our minds is placed on us by our society. Cultural Marxists take this even further by stating that we are defined by our race, class, and gender, and that we must add up our 'oppressor points' and our 'victim points' to give us our place in society. Johan will explore how these ideas conflict, including the work of thinkers such as Steven Pinker and Jordan Peterson.
Johan Nayar
Johan Nayar has a Masters in Evolutionary Psychology and he is the author of The Creativity Manual: The book for right-brained thinking in a left-brained world. Johan had a 'life-changing' backpacking trip to India at the age of nineteen. Since then, he has travelled extensively through South America and Asia and developed his skills as a writer and musician. This is his first talk for Dorset Humanists.

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