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BHA opposes undermining of equality and human rights of humanists in the UK

The BHA (British Humanist Assocation - affiliated to Dorset Humanists) has expressed deep concern at an attempt by the Conservative Party to change the definition of the term ‘religion or belief’ (a 'protected characteristic') in the Equality Bill. Baroness Warsi, who is leading for the Conservatives on the Equality Bill as it makes its way through the House of Lords, has tabled an amendment to the Bill which would remove the phrase ‘and philosophical’ in the definition of belief, which currently reads:  ‘“belief” means any religious or philosophical belief”’.  

Naomi Phillips, BHA Head of Public Affairs, explained,
‘We are deeply concerned that this amendment has been tabled – an amendment that we consider would affect humanists in particular. In practice, this could mean that humanists would be unprotected against discrimination and unequal treatment in the provision of, and access to, public services, employment, education, funding and elsewhere.’
Read the BHA’s briefing for Peers on this amendment. The amendment (Clause 10) will be debated in Lords Committee on Wednesday 13th January 2010.
Read comment from the Conservative Humanist Association.
Read more about our work on the Equality Bill.

Equality South West (ESW) provide this useful link to track the progress of the Equality Bill. Clause 10 - The amendment by Baroness Warsi should be debated tomorrow 13 January in The Lords.

Dates of all stages of the Equality Bill (April 2009-Jan 2010)

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