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Humanist Beliefs in Britain

36% of the British population has a Humanist outlook on life

Ipsos MORI conducted a survey on behalf of the British Humanist Association in 2007. The objective of the research was to gauge the levels of Humanist related opinion that exist amongst the British population.
Just over a third (36%) of the British population has a Humanist outlook on life calculated as those choosing all of the following three statements:

  1. Scientific and other evidence provides the best way to understand the universe
  2. Human nature by itself gives us an understanding of what is right and wrong
  3. What is right and wrong depends on the effects on people and the consequences for society and the world

What happens after death? Opinion is split. 

41% endorsed the Humanist statement 'This life is the only life we have and death is the end of our personal existence'. Fractionally more — 45% — held the view that 'When we die we go on and still exist in another way'.

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