Welcome to Dorset Humanists Archive (pre-2020)

This is the archived pre-2020 Dorset Humanists site. For the NEW Dorset Humanists website from January 2020 click here

Dorset Humanists are a local charity which exists to meet the diverse needs of people who identify as having 'no religion'. According to surveys, that's more than 50% of the UK population.
They may want to meet like-minded people, arrange a meaningful humanist ceremony for themselves or a loved one, learn more about science, make the world a better place, access non-religious pastoral support, reflect on the meaning of life, raise money for good causes, join a personal development course, join an interfaith dialogue group, go for walks in the wonderful Dorset countryside, arrange for someone to speak about Humanism in their child's school, oppose the proliferation of faith schools, have a barbecue on the beach, campaign for changes in the law, have a few beers and a laugh... the list is endless!

Dorset Humanists have spoken to thousands of children about Humanism in local schools, we take part in the Bournemouth Remembrance Service and Holocaust Memorial Day every year, and we raise thousands of pounds for local charities through our Winter Appeal.

If you would like to receive our monthly Bulletin you can subscribe here. If you want the non-religious 50% to have a stronger voice in society why not become a member of Dorset Humanists for just £15.00 a year? You can pick up a form at our meetings or join here.

Thank you for visiting and we hope to see you soon, either at a real event or online via Facebook and Meetup. Our main events are listed below but to be notified about additional events please join our Meetup group.