70 years an Atheist - Geoff Kirby

This is Dorset Humanists pre-2020 archived website. For our new website from 2020 click here. When? Wednesday 27th November 7.30pm

What? In 1951, Geoff Kirby had a ‘Road to Damascus’ experience – but in reverse – when he suddenly gave up all belief in gods. But the 1950s were no time for a pre-teenager to declare a disbelief in gods. He was once publicly reviled as the ‘sperm of the Devil’ and warned that he could be barred from many career options. In this talk, Geoff will explain why he became an atheist at such a young age, the problems this caused in the 1950s, and the basis for his confidence that science, not gods, can lead us to a good life as well as an understanding of our universe. Geoff has degrees in physics and environmental sciences and he is a member of West Dorset Humanists.

Where? Green House Hotel, Grove Road, BH1 3AX

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